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Panther Tattoo Rubber

Panther Tattoo Rubber


The Panther has often been depicted in classic tattoo, and Japanese artwork.  Often paired with a snake in conflict, and represents power over ones enemy.  Add some Tattoo Backgrounds, and scratch marks so he’ll really make an impression!


The "Panther Tattoo" stamp set includes:                           View gallery art using these stamps:

Tattoo Panther Stamp, 4¼” x 3”
"Tattoo Me" Text Stamp, 1¾” x ½”
Dagger Rubber Stamp, 2” x ¾”
Skull & Snake Stamp, 2” x 1½”
Safety Pins Stamp, 1¼” x ¾”

Skull, Pins, and Star Icons, ½” x ½” ea

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