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Why Bombshell Stamps?​

Bombshell's original red rubber stamps are now available as digital art!  We started in 2007 with a passion for stamping.  As things have grown and changed we've realized the unlimited potential of digital stamps and the multitude of crafts that can be achieved using digital images.  We hope you find our designs and this website inspirational!  Be sure to check out the art gallery for more creative ideas!

It's just little ol' me.  From idea to art, packaging, shipping, website, customer service...  boy, the list goes on & on!  Hi, my name is Shannon, and I'm addicted to stamps.

I've been a graphic artist since 1994, and run my own design company, Monster Graphics.  All day long I create computer art, and rarely have time to do anything hands-on... until I picked up my first stamp!  Rubber stamps have helped me create some beautiful &inspiring projects.  The perfect outlet for my creativity, that fills me with a great feeling of accomplishment, and I've never looked back!


Back in '07 there was a serious lack of cool, kick-ass stamps!  I had my share of flowers & teddy bears, but nothing really cool enough that didn't make me feel guilty with every wallet wrenching purchase.  It was about time someone took things into their own hands... it was time for a stamp revolution!

Reinventing Innovation

I've tried to put together a solid collection of stamps, that appeal in two ways.  Fun, edgy, timeless artwork, and more bang for your buck.  The vintage tattoo flash seemed like an obvious first choice, and certainly a comfort zone for me. 


While creating the first leg of the project, I did research for flirty, retro, girl stamps... and discovered there were NONE!  No, really!!!  I could not find a cute pinup style girl for the life of me!  What I found were, "eh", at best.  So hot pin-up girls seemed like an obvious balance to what I was already creating, and **voila** BOMBSHELL STAMPS was born!

The Greatest Gift You Can Give

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to my wonderful Aunt Linda.  A wise woman, who not only influenced my craft interests over the course of every summer vacation, and with every hand crafted birthday card.  But who taught me that believing in yourself is the greatest gift you can give.

On that note ~  Thanks for all your support, and happy stamping!



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