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Our Angel Policy Copyrights


Bombshell Stamps is proud to be an Angel Company and we appreciate your consideration of our copyrights.

Please use our images to create original crafts with the following guidelines:

1.  All stamp impressions and use of digital images must be made by hand.  You may not mass produce, or duplicate our images through any means digitally or mechanically.  All images on this website are copyrighted.

2.  Please whenever possible, give credit to Bombshell Stamps for images you use in items you create for resale or publishing. 

3.  For commercial and resale use, please scroll down and refer to the bottom paragraphs addressing our policy on this.

 For Digital Downloads all rules apply as well as the following:

1.  You may print off and create projects to sell, however, you may not print off images for others, trade images, or otherwise.

2.  You may not post the images uncolored on your blog or website.

3.  Digital images may not be modified or changed in format in any way.

4.  You may not sell/resell these digital images.

5.  You may not give away digital images as part of "blog candy", or any contest without the express consent of Bombshell Stamps.


6.  Digital images may not be sold as stickers, magnets, die-cuts, embellishments, or any other item.

**  If an item you created is published using one of our images, we'd like to send you a gift (once verified).  Check out our coupon page for more details! 

Commercial use and resale policies:

You may sell your handcrafted items that utilize our images BUT:  


1.  You may not create similar products in which you create a competitive relationship.

2.  You may not use our designs as your own for your own products such as but not limited to rub ons, die cuts, stamps, and other embellishments.


3.  Quantities are limited to projects that are limited in scope, local in nature, and otherwise do not constitute an ongoing business.


4.  Additionally, quantities for commercial use are generally allowed if they are in the range of 50 hand-stamped impressions per stamp image. The production of much larger numbers, and/or for an ongoing business, and/or for an endeavor that is not local in nature, is forbidden.  

5.  When intending to use our images for any commercial use you must email us the acknowledgement below:

To use our images for this purpose, simply send or email us a letter acknowledging that you agree to the above terms, and include the following information:

1.  Your name and contact information
2.  A list of the Bombshell Stamp products you plan to use
3.  The quantities you anticipate producing
4.  An acknowledgment that you "Agree to respect Bombshell Stamps copyrights." 

Send or email the request to: 

         Bombshell Stamps                 
         19191 SE Borges Rd.    
         Damascus, OR 97089  


Submitting this written letter grants you a limited license to use our images within the terms outlined above.

Bombshell Stamps Designs and Website Images:

All content including designs, pictures, and words are copyrighted Bombshell Stamps.  The artwork here is shared for your inspiration only and may not be copied for profit.  Please contact Bombshell Stamps for expressed use in publication or contest entry.

Bombshell's images are obtained through several different sources.  Most are created specifically for Bombshell by various artists, some are obtained by purchasing use-specific copyrights, and others are copyright free artwork.  If you are a stamp artist with skills inline with what we are trying to project here at Bombshell, please contact us with samples of your stamp art.  (This does not include design team or craft art.)

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