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Hawaiian Girl Rubber

Hawaiian Girl Rubber


Who could resist this little Polynesian pin-up?   She'll lull you into her carefree world of music, and romance, and you won't look back!  This set pairs perfectly with any of our tropical sets, but especially the Hula Girl.


The "Hawaiian Girl" stamp set includes:                             View gallery art using these stamps:

Hawaiian Girl Rubber Stamp, 2¾” x 2½”
Palm Tree Rubber Stamp, 3½” x 2”
Sea Turtle Rubber Stamp, 1¾” x 1¼”
Just For You Pearl Rubber Stamp, 1¾” x 1¼”
Wanna Lei? Text Rubber Stamp, 1½” x ¼”

Mahalo Text Rubber Stamp, 1¼” x ½”
Aloha Text Rubber Stamp, 1” x ½”
Star fish Stamp, Hibiscus Stamp, and Shell Stamp, 1” x 1” ea.
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