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Vintage Motorcycle Rubber

Vintage Motorcycle Rubber


Bring back fond memories with these vintage bike stamps.  Add racing numbers, the helmet and goggles, and you're off the the races!  The checker board pattern stamp adds that extra vintage flair!


The "Vintage Motorcycle" stamp set includes:                        View creative samples using these stamps:

1930's Vintage Motorcycle Stamp, 3” x 2”
1960's Vintage Bike Stamp, 3½” x 2¼”

Motorcycle Helmet Stamp, 1” x 1”
Goggles Stamp, ¾” x ½”
Checkered Board Boarder Stamp 3¾” x ½”

"Bikes don't leak oil, they mark their territory" Text Stamp, 2” x ½”
"Four wheels can move your body, but two wheels can move your soul" Text Stamp 2¾” x ½”

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