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Sacred Heart Rubber

Sacred Heart Rubber


Design your Sacred Heart for good or evil by adding a pair of wings!  This is generally how the Sacred Heart is represented, and quite a design centerpiece.  Try using our Tattoo Background Collection to really pop the heart off the page.


The "Sacred Heart" stamp set includes:                              View gallery art using these stamps:

Sacred Heart Rubber Stamp, 3¼” x 2”
"Sacred Heart" Text Stamp, 2¼” x ½”
Good Wings Rubber Stamps, 2¼” x 1” each wing
Evil Wings Rubber Stamps, 2” x 1” each wing
"Good" Text Rubber Stamp, ¾” x ¼”

"Evil" Text Rubber Stamp, ¾” x ¼”
Tattoo Banner Rubber Stamp, 2½” x 1¼”
Skull Stamp, Saint Stamp, Double Star, & Star Stamp, ½” x ½” 
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