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Retro Cowgirls Rubber

Retro Cowgirls Rubber


These stamps work seamlessly with any retro style elements.  The barbed wire can be a repeated background, or a defined border. The roses in our Love & Luck Collection are the perfect compliment to these stamps.


The "Retro Cowgirl's" stamp set includes:                          View gallery art using these stamps:

Sheriff PinUp Stamp, 4½” x 1½”
Cowgirl Rubber Stamp, 4½” x 1½”
Pistol - Gun Rubber Stamp, 1¾” x ¾”
Skeleton Rubber Stamp, 2¾” x 1¼”
Barbed Wire Rubber Stamp, 3” x ¼”

Spur & Gun Icon Stamps, ½” x ½” ea

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