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Piston Rebel Rubber

Piston Rebel Rubber


These HOT motorcycle stamps will heat up any card or scrapbook page!  Are you trouble, or are you looking for it???  Either way, these stamps are sure to light your fire... or your mans fire!  These stamps make great cards for men!


The "Piston Rebel" stamp set includes:      

Bike with Flames Stamp, 4” x 3”
Piston Rebel Flame Stamp, 2¼” x 1½”

Curved Flame Stamp, 1¼” x ¾”
Tribal Flame Stamp, 1½” x ¾”
"Trouble is coming your way!" Text Stamp, 2” x ¾”
"Still burning rubber and breaking hearts!" Text Stamp, 2¼” x ½”

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