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Pirates Life Rubber

Pirates Life Rubber


Our irresistible piratess is on the hunt for booty, and looking for a few good men!  Add her captains hat and with sword or hook in hand, and she'll command your attention!  This is our most interchangeable stamp set, and was created to work with our Holiday Accessories Set to create multiple characters for different occasions.


The "Pirate's Life" stamp set includes:                               View gallery art using these stamps:

Pirate Pin-up Girl Rubber Stamp, 4” x 1¾”
Pirate Hat Rubber Stamp, 1¼” x 1”
Pirate Sword Rubber Stamp, 2” x ¼”
Pirate Hook Rubber Stamp, ¾” x ¼”
Pirate Map Rubber Stamp, 1” x ¾”
Parrot and Flowers Rubber Stamp, 2½” x 1½”

Calling All Scallawags Banner Stamp, 1¾” x ½”
A Pirates Life For Me Text Stamp, 1¾” x ¼” ea
Ship Stamp & Pirate Skull & Crossbones Stamp, 1” x 1” each
Small Skull & Crossbones, Bomb, & Star  Stamps, ½” x ½” ea.
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