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Muertos Doll Rubber

Muertos Doll Rubber


Create an authentic looking handmade Muertos doll by assembling the bones into a full 7" tall skeleton.  Make the joints moveable by adding wire brad, or keep them firmly in place.  Stamp a slew of skullys and make a Day of the Dead garland!


The "Muertos Doll" stamp set includes:                        View creative samples using these stamps:

Head and Heart Rubber Stamps, 2½” x 1¼”
Ribcage and Heart Rubber Stamps, 1½” x 2”
Arm Bones Rubber Stamps, ½” x 1½” each
Hands Rubber Stamps, 2” x ¾” each
Leg Bones Rubber Stamps, 1¾” x ½” each
Feet Rubber Stamps, 2¼” x 1” each

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