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Mermaid Anchor Rubber

Mermaid Anchor Rubber


A part of our nautical themed stamps, the mermaid posing on an anchor has been engraved on many a sailor.  Away from home and always searching for the pretty lady of the sea.  Well, you've found her!  A great center piece for your stamp collection, she works beautifully with all our nautical and tattoo stamps.


The "Mermaid Anchor" stamp set includes:                        View gallery art using these stamps:

Mermaid Rubber Stamp, 4” x 1¾”
2 Dolphin Rubber Stamps, 2” x 1” each
Dolphin Sunset Stamp, 2½” x 2”
Rope Rubber Stamp, 1¾” x ¼”
"Anchors Away" Text Stamp, 2” x ¼”

Anchor Stamp, Star Stamp, & Ships Wheel Stamp, ½” x ½” ea

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