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Love & Luck Rubber

Love & Luck Rubber


This is a great starter collection.  The swallows face different directions, and can fly alone, or display a traditional banner. The barbed wire and roses can be used as a border, or repeated background.  Our Tattoo Background Collection also works very well with these stamps.


The "Love & Luck" stamp set includes:                              View gallery art using these stamps:

Right Swallow Bird Stamp, 1½” x 1¼”
Left Swallow Bird Rubber Stamp, 1½” x 1¼”
Tattoo Rose Stamp, 2¾” x 1½”
Rose Border Rubber Stamp, 3” x 1”
Love & Luck Banners, 2½ x ¾” each banner

Detailed Barbed Wire Stamp, 3” x ½”
Skull Stamp, Heart Stamp, Cherries Stamp, & Nautical Star Stamp, ½” x ½” ea
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