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Kustom Kulture Rubber

Kustom Kulture Rubber


The term "Kustom Kulture" describes the many fashions & styles developed from the early days of hotrodding thru today.  It's usually identified with the greasers of the 50's, drag racers of the 60's, lowriders of the 70's, along with several other subcultures.  These stamps represent the core elements of the term, and work fantastic with the pin-striping stamp sets we have!


The "Kustom Kulture" stamp set includes:                         View gallery art using these stamps:

Race Engine Rubber Stamp, 2½” x 1¾”
Headers With Flames Stamp, 2¾” x 1½”
Tire Burning Rubber Stamp, 2” x 1¾”
Individual Flame Stamp, 1¾” x 1”
Flying Eyeball Von Dutch Stamp, 1¾” x ¾”

Piston Rubber Stamp, 1¼” x ¾”
"Kustom Kulture" Text Stamp, 2” x ¼”
"Gas It Up" and "Road Kill" Text Stamps, 1½” x ¼”
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