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Homeward Bound Rubber

Homeward Bound Rubber


A mighty ship with full sails, blowing wind and a setting sun to take you home is all any sailor could ask for.  Guided by a deep sea monster, you never know what lurks in the great deep...


The "Homeward Bound" stamp set includes:                     View gallery art using these stamps:

Full Sail Ship Rubber Stamp, 3¼” x 3”
Homeward Bound Banner Stamp, 2¾” x ¾” each
Sea Monster Rubber Stamp, 2” x 1”
Compass Rubber Stamp, 1¼” x 1¼
Chain Rubber Stamp, 1½” x ¼”

"Smooth Sailing" Text Stamp, 2¼” x ¼”
"Sea You Soon" Text Stamp, 1½” x ¼”
Iron Cross Stamp, Skull & Crossbones Stamp, and Star Stamp ½” x ½” ea
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