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Girl's Ruin Rubber

Girl's Ruin Rubber


These stamps cross language, boundaries, and borders!  What girl doesn't occasionally submit to a sin or two?  Or three or four?  A great gift theme for your best friend, or perhaps a hint to your boyfriend!


The "Girl's Ruin" stamp set includes:                                 View gallery art using these stamps:

Pinup in Shoe Rubber Stamp, 4¼” x 2”
Girls Ruin Banner Stamp, ¾” x 2½”
A Girls Sacred Sins Stamp, 1¾” x 1½”
No Regrets Banner Rubber Stamp, 1½” x 1”
"What A Girl Really Wants" Text Stamp, 2” x ¼”

"You're A Girl's Best Friend" Text Stamp, 2¼” x ¼”
Dollar Sign Stamp, Music Notes Stamp, and Star Stamp, ½” x ½”

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