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Custom Choppers Rubber

Custom Choppers Rubber


Low-riding, long, lean and quite the looker!  Want that Orange County Choppers look?  Or maybe you remember "Easy Rider"???  These stamps embrace the custom chopper lifestyle and are a striking embellish for any scrapbook project.


The "Custom Choppers" stamp set includes:                        View creative samples using these stamps:

White Chopper Bike Stamp, 3¾” x 2½”
Black Chopper Motorcycle Stamp, 4” x 2½”
Iron Cross Rubber Stamp, 1” x 1”
Flame Rubber Stamp, 1½” x ½”
"Choppers For Life" OCC Stamp 1¼” x ½”
"Live To Ride" Text Stamp, 2” x ¼”

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