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Butterfly Queen Rubber

Butterfly Queen Rubber


These stamps work seamlessly with any retro style background.  Just add a few of the small element stamps to tie it all together, and voila!  This girl also works great with our tattoo style wings.  Add a halo or some horns, and she's gone from good girl to bad girl at the flick of a pen!


The "Butterfly Queen" stamp set includes:                          View gallery art using these stamps:

Show Girl Rubber Stamp, 4½" x 1½"
Butterfly Wings Stamp, 2¼” x 1¼” each wing (2)
Butterfly Rubber Stamp, 2” x 1¼”
Butterfly Stamp, 2” x 1¼”
Queen of Diamonds Stamp, 2” x ¾”

Crown Stamp, Diamond & Star Icon Stamps, ½” x ½” ea

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