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To exchange links, or post your blog, please copy one of the html codes on our Banners Page and paste in your website.  Then give us your information, and let us know the URL of where our link has been added. Provide us with the title of your site, site URL, and description (up to 240 characters, including spaces), and we will add your link to our site. We update our links approximately every 2 weeks.

Please be sure that your description reflects your site's purpose.  We reserve the right to edit all descriptions to reflect true site content.  Because of bandwidth and download time we only provide text links.



URL: http://www.bombshellstamps.com/

Title: Bombshell Stamps – Rubber stamps for the crafter with attitude!

Description: Vintage art with Attitude!  Original rubber stamps found nowhere else!

Or, for your convenience, just copy and paste one of the HTML codes on our Banners Page.



•  All links must be in exchange for reciprocal links.

•  Your home page must include a visible link to your links exchange section. Obscured or hidden link directories are not acceptable.

•  Sites hosted on free servers must be well established, have page rank, and do not launch ad pop ups.

•  Your exchange link to our site must be on the same domain URL as the site you wish us to link to.

•  Our link on your site must link directly to us. It cannot be linked elsewhere and redirected to us.



•  Mirror sites or URL's that redirect to other URL's

•  Sites that open links within frames

•  Sites whose main purpose is to drive traffic to affiliate sites

•  Sites that produce multiple pop ups, or other similar annoyance.

•  Sites where visitors must click through "chained" link pages to see our link.

•  Sites who use redirects and do not link directly to our URL from our listing.

We will remove all links that do not work for any reason, redirect to other sites, or do not represent the product or service listed in your description.

Thanks, and we look forward to checking out your website!


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